Thursday, September 22, 2005

You Live Life By Your Schedule

This woman appeared in my email box today in a note from my friends at Citibank. She had just been told that Citibank recognized that She Lives Her Life By Her Schedule, and that Now She Can Pay Her Citi Card bill That Way, Too.

This reminds of when Ethan and I use to collect Banner Ads. Anyone wanna post some links to good ones in the comments?

(What with Ad Block extensions, Pith Helmet for Safari, and all that popupblockerness, I rarely see web ads anymore....)

Update: I found a nice banner ad to share. However, entertaining as it is on its own, it's more absurd to know that I found it on the new Houston Chronicle Rita blog, thursday afternoon. As the actual site says:

It's our biggest sale of the season. From 9 a.m. Thursday through 10 p.m. Sunday. It's a great time to bring the season into your home!

Horrible, but rich.

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