Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hot Family Media Guide Action

"A man punches another man in the face; blood is visible on his face and clothing. A man accidentally snaps off the shaft of an arrow protruding from his side; he winces and groans in pain. A man kills another man by placing a sword and an axe handle on either side of a=the man’s neck; he presses them together to snaps the his spine. A man cuts another man with a sword; blood is visible on his face and clothing. A man swings his sword at a man and a horse; we can’t see the injury, but blood sprays into the air. A man slices another man’s abdomen with a sword; blood spurts from the wound and he cries out in pain. A man cuts another man with a sword; he groans in pain. A man chops off the top of another man’s head with a sword. A man reaches into a fire; the palm of his hand is bloody and blistered. A man’s clothes are on fire; he screams in pain and dies. Soldiers hang a man. A man shoves a sharp length of metal through a man’s stomach; the man falls and the blade protrudes from his back. Men shoot arrows at a group of men; blood is visible on their skin and clothing, and arrows protrude from their bodies. A man stabs another man in the neck; blood spurts from the wound. Men stab other men with swords; they cry out and groan in pain. A man stabs another man in the face and kills him. A man has a scab on his face. An injured man has blood on his face and clothing. A man removes a bandage from another man’s arm and reveals a bloody wound. A man has a cauterized burn on his hand from a previous injury. A woman looks at a mirror and sees the face of a man scarred and disfigured by leprosy. A bloody spear protrudes from a horse’s body. An injured man leans against another man and dies. A corpse has blood on its skin and clothing. Arrows protrude from a corpse. A corpse has a hole in its scarred and partially decomposed face. A corpse has bruises on its throat and its eyes are open. A city’s wooden structures burn during a siege. Stones from a catapult break through a wall. A man tears a veil from a woman’s face. A man tells a group of men, “Whoever dies here today, you will certainly be among them."

This is all from the new Family Media Guide site, in its "Violence" catalog for Kingdom of Heaven.

And these, from the Carlito's Way "Other Content" Incidents section:

Themes of death, destitution, illegal drug dealing, kidnapping, terror, and torture. Scenes take place in a gentlemen's club, a hospital, and a prison. Scenes contain bloody objects. Inebriation by a main character. Contact with illegal drugs. Swallowing and snorting illegal drugs. Cigarette and cigar smoking by a main character. Cigarette smoking by an adult. Fraud. Lying. Breaking and entering. Bribery. Kidnapping. Sale of illegal substances. Prostitution. Theft. Dereliction of duties. Products include: Converse, Coca Cola, Cadillac, and Buick.

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