Monday, October 24, 2005

Let the Children Drink Brisk Iced Tea (updated)

(UPDATED 10/24 - See Below)

Floating just outside of my active brain a few days (week?) ago was a story about how some "industry group" had decided that it was the moral thing or something to reduce the amount of soda US children drank in school, obesity epidemic, etc. Part of of my mind partially went "heh, weird, Coca-Cola and Pepsico voluntarily deciding 'Hey, let's reduce our sales'?"...but I kind of forgot about it.

Well, that organization changed its name last year from The National Soft Drink Association to American Beverage Association, har-dee-har-har, and there's a times article about whether the "announcement" of intent actually means anything.

Oh, oh, oh - and they have that great stat in there that i recently remembered after 25 years - a 20oz bottle of soda (did they HAVE those in 1980??) contains SEVENTEEN teaspoons of sugar. Damn.

ps. Deep in the heart of McSweeney's i found a great list of "Censored Press Releases" - a rich read. Here's one: "The vegetarian trend among teens is on the rise..."

pps. I think i'm getting a bit obscure on this. The pic in this post is from Lipton's Brisk Tea site, part of some absurd push about Tea being good for you....

UPDATE 10/24: The American Beverage Association has funded a new investigation into soda and its effect on childhood obesity. The upshot? No connection. Thank GOODnes....

In actuality, the researchers are claiming complete independence. Have a peek.

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