Tuesday, November 29, 2005


PB234939, originally uploaded by urban_tank.

Some of you may know that I grew up as a facbrat, or child of faculty, at Cranbrook Kingswood School in Michigan. I was born and raised there, finally moving with my family to CT after 6th grade.

Cranbrook is an incredibly beautiful and dream-like place, and being an 8-year old with a bike, free (and safe!) to wander the several hundred acre campus just made it more surreal. I cannot convey how deeply ingrained every texture and building is in my psyche and memory.

I keep a monitor on Flickr pics with the tag cranbrook, and here are a couple other recent ones I've seen. Credits with each.

hound statue, originally uploaded by Brimley.

Saarninen House + Extras 049, originally uploaded by bport.

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  1. aim high8:40 PM

    I love Cranbrook too. The grounds are truly amazing. I especially love the statues in the woods and the greek theatre. I currently attend Kingswood.