Saturday, November 19, 2005

Evolution Reading

Sometimes it may seem like I have a one-topic mind. Oh, well.

A couple of good recent writings from around the web on evolution. First, the Vatican's Astronomer (!!), Brother Guy Consolmagno, speaks quite coherently and thoughtfully about science and religion in this interview with Astrobiology Magazine:
You say, "I have no idea how this could have happened. It must have been God's design." And then fifty years later, somebody explains how it did happen, and you say, "I don't need God anymore." If your faith is based on science, that's a very shaky kind of faith.
The trouble with this idea of "God's thumbprint" is, first of all, it denies the fact that it's ALL thumbprint. And so, I don't want to say that this is proof of God, but that over there was just accident.

(Another good Bonus Interview with him (although not on evolution), including this gem:
I don't expect to convert any aliens. If I can get people to think and if I can get people to laugh, what more do I need to do?

Charles Krauthammer slices and dices ID:
Let's be clear. Intelligent design may be interesting as theology, but as science it is a fraud. It is a self-enclosed, tautological "theory" whose only holding is that when there are gaps in some area of scientific knowledge -- in this case, evolution -- they are to be filled by God.

And, just a reminder: The reason I feel so passionately about all this is because I don't want children growing up with dulled scientific minds. I believe in the ideas and minds of kids growing up now, and don't want them shackled and afraid.

Fnally, the Darwin exhibit at AMNH opens today!

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