Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bait Car

Maybe it's the gin and tonics i've had here at work, but this is an astonishing video. Apparently, from what i can gather without trying very hard, Canada has program called Bait Car, where they include a little video cam in a car they try to trick folks into stealing.

In this piece, we are introduced to the catch-phrase "Oncoming!" which is yelled by the car thief as he barrels through a red light. I highly recommend the "stopping to steal a gameboy from a parked car" moment in the video.

This piece is really fantastic. Check it out - with more info - from the WFWM blog.

It's really important here that you pay attention to the fact that the post comes from the WFMU blog, which stands - with Pharyngula and Boing Boing and Hoffmania and TUAW, as my current 5 tops. Turn off your "Oh, another blog?!" cynicism and just follow them for a while. They're worth it. Even if you get bored with many 'FMU radio shows, the blog is a gem (word o' the day, russell).

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