Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Long Way to Go

Why does even the mention of Brokeback Mountain makes adults sound like little brats? As if the very existence of this movie is the set up for a punchline? Are you fucking 12 years old?

Don Imus and Chris Matthews giggle together.

Update (1/24): Bush and his Kansas audience giggle. Still, it's fun to watch Bush attempt to express no opinion.

An audience member asks Bush if he has seen Brokeback Mountain, and then tells him he'd "love it." Crooks and Liars has video of the question, including other fun "Bush can't talk to humans" moments.

And NY Daily News, do you think your own headline is funny?

People also covers the tale, adding that Scotty McClellan later emailed the LA Times to, um, clarify the non-response. I see.
The student indicated he was a rancher. The president was simply saying he hopes he goes back to the ranch. Ranchers and farmers are an important part of our society.
Got it.

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