Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Filename is spidernaut.jpg


Engadget notes the release of more info on a lil' something NASA's working on called the Spidernaut - and nails the proper human reaction:
We've heard tell of NASA's Spidernaut, a large robot designed to service spacecraft, but after finally seeing it in action we're not so sure humans are fully prepared to battle against robots in the coming rebellion -- this thing is pretty hardcore. Supposedly its current incarnation is only 1/4 of the final size, but the target is a 600 pound robot that can distribute weight evenly over its eight legs to avoid damaging the skin of the spacecraft or for scurrying across solar panels. NASA is even looking into a "web" deployment system for the bot, in which case we're hiding the women and children and locking the doors.
I can't get the damn video link to work, but I can't wait....If anyone finds another working link, let me know!

(via Engadget)


  1. Spider-Web10:53 PM

    Are you still having trouble with the videos?

  2. Thanks for the note, Spider-Web! It's working now...nice new site...