Monday, March 20, 2006

Psst...Hey, Joe...

Joe Morgan, tonight, calling the final game of the World Baseball Classic, between Cuba and Japan:
I think the one thing that fans should notice is the contrast in styles of these two ball clubs. I mean, the Cubans are real emotional, they play with a lot of fire, there's a lot going on. When you watch, you know, Japan play, they're calculating, they're more scientific, everything is calculated to make it work. And that's why you see so many players trying to bunt, you know, and taking pitches, and doing so many other little things. They do all the little things, it's kind of a science-like, to them. And, I think, the Cuban players show a little more fire, play with a little more emotion.
Hey, Joe...I generally like you. I like the sound of your voice. You seem to bring sunshine to the world around you.

But shut up for a sec, 'kay?

Mmm, can't do it. He continues later, referring in this moment to baseball players in Asia:
They developed their own style, because they were so far from us. If they were watching us on TV all the time, like the Dominicans, and the Venezualans, and all the Latin countries, then they would probably play similar, because we did invent the game, we made the game what it is today.

And now you see a lot of teams, playing baseball around the world, and a lot of them are doing it their own way. And a lot of it has to do with their physiques and so forth and so on. I think it's really because the Carribean is close, the Cubans are close, they've been able to, you know, kinda emulate the way the americans play.
..."their physiques" - like if you're too short, your culture gets good at violin and math?

..."the way the americans play" - you mean, like not getting to the semi-finals? Nope, they don't quite have that one down yet.

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