Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bravo, NY Daily News

In case anyone forgets that there's a real difference between the NY Post and the NY Daily News....the latter's lead editorial today
Global warming is rising up the public agenda, thanks to evangelizing by Al Gore in a new documentary and book that are far scarier than anything ever produced by Stephen King. The fright is all the more real because Gore is talking fact, not fiction.
And the Post's movie review of An Inconvenient Truth:
He implies that no reputable scientists dispute anything he says - basically, that the ice caps are melting and people on the 50th floor of the Empire State Building had better learn to swim. But there is wide disagreement about whether humans are causing global warming (climate change preceded the invention of the Escalade) and about whether we should be worried about the trends.
The story here is the topic, not the messenger. Al Gore can drown birds in oil in his bathtub for all I care, as long as he is able to continue to expand awareness of the extent of the evidence that humans really are damaging the earth on a scale that is measurable and dangerous.

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