Thursday, May 18, 2006

Microsoft Envisions the Future

Snooze-fest, 2006!

I'm not bad-mouthing Microsoft for the sake of bad-mouthing the company, but it's 2006, and Picasa and iPhoto and many others have been out for MANY years. Is this a joke? Ths is from the Microsoft Blog, where they are announcing and showing some details/pics of their new Windows Vista app designed to manage your photos and videos...
Let's start with the name = Windows Photo Gallery. That's actually not entirely accurate. The Gallery is not just for your photos, but also for your personal videos. We like to think about the Gallery as a place for your digital memories. Not your clip art, not some movie trailer you downloaded somewhere, but content that was authored by you (or someone you know). You'll hear us talk mostly about photos (just for convenience), but pretty much anything that you can do with a photo can also be done with a video. We'll try to point out the differences as they come up.
You can think of the Gallery as having two modes: a Gallery mode where you can browse through all of your digital memories, and a Viewer mode, where you can get a closer look at individual photos and videos.
Fuckin visionary, folks. Could you sound any more uninspired. Ooooh, Gallery mode. So that's where you browse? And Viewer mode....that's where you, um, view the media? And, hahahaha, a place for our digital memories. Thanks for helping out, Msoft.

This is like a parody of the way Microsoft rolls out outdated ideas.

If you think you can handle Starting Something, read about it here.

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