Thursday, May 04, 2006

Some of My Best Friends are "Funny"...

Richard Cohen, "liberal" blogger at the Washington Post, penned an odd little piece about the Colbert Speech called "So Not Funny," where he ends up sounding like the sleazy Alan Alda in Crimes in Misdemeanors ("If it bends, it's funny...If it breaks, it's not!").

Read the briliant responses from both PZ Meyers (who also notes the high-larious time when Cohen suggested that learning algebra is not really that necessary) and from The Editors. From the latter:
Perhaps you could wear a pair of amusingly large shoes - this is encouraged, but is left to the descretion of the individual yukmeister.

PZ Meyers - "Cohen Gets It Wrong"

The Editors at The Poor Man - "The Wanker Kings of Comedy"

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