Monday, September 11, 2006

How can you post this kind of editorial on September 11th?

The truth is that we're winning. Hands down. We just can't afford to revert to yesteryear's weakness and indecision.

WHAT should we worry about? Plenty. First, the unscrupulous nature of those in the media who always discover a dark cloud in the brightest silver lining. They're terror's cheerleaders. Second, the rabid partisanship infecting our political system - when "getting Bush" is more important than protecting our country, something's wrong.

A third concern is the Internet's empowerment of fanatics, conspiracy-theorists and all of the really good haters - on both extremes of the political spectrum. If there's one thing all responsible citizens, conservative, centrist or liberal, should agree on, it's that all extremism is un-American.

The big danger right now is the media, criticizing bush, and the internet.

The NY Post continues to lead the way in pissing me off.
The Patriot Act and other measures worked - without harming the rights of a single law-abiding citizen.
I can barely even imagine how your mind is working...

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