Saturday, September 23, 2006


What the Goddamn hell is this shit doing in the NY Times?
In some ways, squash offers a window into Mr. Rumsfeld’s complicated psyche, revealing much about his stubborn competitiveness and seemingly limitless stamina. Pentagon officials and employees say Mr. Rumsfeld’s play closely resembles the way he has run the Defense Department, where he has spent six years trying to break the accepted modes of operating.

He hits the ball well, but he doesn’t play by the rules,” says Chris Zimmerman, a devoted squash player who works in the Pentagon’s office of program analysis and evaluation and is sometimes in the Pentagon athletic complex when Mr. Rumsfeld is on the court.
And a bit below:
Many politicians have relaxed by competing, and Mr. Rumsfeld is not the first to have earned a reputation for zeal. As governor of New York, Mario M. Cuomo was known for his sharp elbows and tongue on the basketball court; as president, Bill Clinton exasperated his golf partners by taking mulligans, or do-overs, after bad shots.
"Do-over"....where have I heard that recently? Oh, right, President Bush being interviewed by Wolf:
BLITZER: And you don't look back with any regrets?

BUSH: I regret when people lose lives. But -- you know, and presidents don't get to do do-overs.
No they don't - can you imagine what a poor reflection it would be on a President's character if he ever demanded - or stole - one such "do-over??"

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