Wednesday, October 25, 2006

ABC News: "Hannity Said This"

An email I just sent

From: [me]

I was very confused by the inclusion of your piece of "news" that
basically covered some things that Sean Hannity said.

In what way is this news? If it was an opinion, please feel free to offer Sean a place on your op-ed pages, but if you wanted to cover his musings that Michael J Fox hadn't taken his medications, I would have expected you to at least talk to some doctors or other Parkinson's patients.

It's a bewildering piece, almost like someone hacked your site and posted it.

And how does your article reflect the opening sentence that "Conservatives came to the defense of talk radio host Rush Limbaugh" - the only other human beings mentioned in the entire "article" were Michael J Fox and Sean Hannity. And when did Rush "apologize?" His was the George Bush-style conditional apology, structured like: "I would apologize for anything I did wrong, but I didn't do anything wrong"...

I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. The Foley scandal made me add ABC News to the news I read each day, but this - and the interview between Bill O'Reilly and Mark Halperin - has made me think ABC is acting like FOX News.


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