Friday, October 27, 2006

Michael J: "I Don't Give A Damn About Rush"

Go, Michael! On that "Couric Show":
FOX:[...] I could give a damn about Rush Limbaugh’s pity or anyone else’s pity. I’m not a victim. I’m someone who is in this situation. I think I’m in this situation along with millions of other Americans, and we have a right, if there’s answers out there, to pursue those answers with the full support of our politicians. And so I don’t need anyone’s permission to do that.

COURIC: You have said before this is a bipartisan problem that requires a bipartisan solution.

FOX: No, disease is a nonpartisan problem that requires a bipartisan solution.

COURIC: Would you support a Republican candidate?

FOX: I have. Arlen Specter is my guy. I have campaigned for Arlen Specter. He has been a fantastic champion of stem cell research. In the meantime, separate and apart from my political involvement, I’ve started a foundation that has raised $85 million for research and is the second leading funder of Parkinson’s research after the federal government.

And, you know, it’s not — I’m not a Johnny-come-lately. Nobody plucked me off the apple cart to come and do this. I mean, I believe in this cause. I put a lot of my life and energy into it, and I’m serious about it.


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