Friday, October 20, 2006

Steve Hargreaves Gets High, Writes Stupid Article

Who the fuck is this Steve Hargreaves idiot? Special to CNN, my ass:

"Mac Attacks Rare But Rising"

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Apple computers have long been prized for being relatively virus-free. But as more people use Apple products, experts say the company is increasingly becoming a target for cyber pranksters and criminals writing viruses and other forms of malware.

The threat was highlighted earlier this week after a handful of the company's iPods were shipped with the RavMonE.exe virus.

According to Apple, the virus affected less than 1 percent of the video iPods available for purchase after September 12, 2006.

The problem is thought to have originated in the manufacturing process by another company that builds iPods for Apple and isn't believed to be a direct attack on the widely popular iPod itself.

Moreover, experts say the iPod isn't likely to become a Petri dish for cyber germs, as it's not directly connected to the Internet and is easily wiped clean and reloaded. But they do believe viruses targeting Apple's Macintosh personal computers are increasing.

I would never never suggest that macs are eternally safe from viruses, and Lord Knows apple fucked up and should have come out without the snark on this issue, but how do ipods shipping with windows viruses on them somehow reflect an increase in "Mac attacks?"

This is why bloggers laugh at criticism that says they are a bunch of hacks. And this article is under a fancy category at CNN called "Welcome to the Future." Right. Gotcha.

Hey, Steve, maybe you could become a reporter for the NY Times, and write articles like this one?

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