Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Games for Girls" Gets Worse, Glamour-Style

Glamour magazine tries to get into the game - the game being that condescending "Games for Girls" bullshit that Gamestop is already playing.

I'm all for Nintendo making money with larger markets, but this is a terrible piece. The lede reads:
Game On
Want a night to remember? Turf the boys out, turn the lights low and throw a cocktail party your friends will never forget. How? It's easy with Nintendo Wii...

Kotaku, whom I got this ad from, helpfully transcribes the "5 Reasons why every girl needs a Wii?"
  • 1. Because isn't about time we had something he wants, but can't get his hands on?
  • 2. Price per play it's cheaper than a swanky gym membership
  • 3. Price per laugh it's better than a night out on the town
  • 4. It's one more reason for the girls to come round and the boys to go out
  • 5. Forget a designer sofa, this is the only home accessory a girl needs
Sheesh, Glamour. Didn't you forget #6, "You can use the Wii box for your overflowing shoe collection?"

Don't miss the copy from the article:
Choose from dozens of glamorous, female-friendly computer games...

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