Friday, November 17, 2006

Only The Beginning

In the face of all this The Democrats Are Fighting! bluster, it's nice to get reminders like this from Michael Bérubé:
My friends, what did you expect? Did you really think that we would win a bunch of elections—and that the entire apparatus of American media would reform itself the next day? Did you think that the K Street wing of the WAAGNFNP, which has been in thrall to defense contractors for decades, would just pack its briefcases, tidy up its offices, and go home

What I told you on election night was the simple unvarnished truth: this is only the beginning. Remember that it took the Republicans a full generation to transform their party. Even the election of Reagan didn’t quite do it, in retrospect: sure, it set the tone, and solidified the Southern Strategy, but when Reagan was president there were still unacceptably reasonable Republicans in the Senate, like Howard Baker and Nancy Kassebaum. Replacing them with hardcore wingnuts like Bill Frist and Sam Brownback took years of hard, hard work. The kind of work will have to undertake now.
Read the whole thing.

Greenwald writes:
The mindless group-think driving the media's caricatures of Nancy Pelosi is truly astounding to behold, even considering the source. She's not even Speaker yet, and they've already pronounced her to be a bitchy, vindictive shrew incapable of leading because she's consumed by petty personal bickering rather than serious and substantive considerations. And all of this is based on nothing.

Unsurprisingly, all of this has been concocted by the herd of all-knowing Beltway analysts who fancy themselves to be such high-minded warriors against conventional wisdom even though they are its most obedient vessels.

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