Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Charlotte's Web Destroys McDonald's

I've written about the so-called "Center for Consumer Freedom" before. They are a food and restaurant industry lobbyist group, constantly spreading fear about "food activists" trying to take your child's Fourth of July hot dog out of their hands.

Well, this time, apparently, they're freaked out by the promotional campaign for the new movie adaption of Charlotte's Web, for the following reasons - and I quote:
I love the smell of industry fear. It's so....desparate. The "article" continues:
Of course, Charlotte's Web is a work of fiction. The real world, as author E.B. White's own life attested, is still the real world. (White raised and killed pigs on his own Vermont farm for decades.)
Ha! Caught. What a hypocrite. You got him.

I had no interest in seeing this movie until now, actually.

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