Monday, December 18, 2006

Goodbye, Shallow Boxer

Watched the finale of Survivor last night. One of my least favorite human beings ever to have to watch talk was thankfully booted just a couple episodes ago, some terrible person called Parvati, so luckily her involvement was limited. But I did enjoy learning two fun facts about her:

1. Her last name is Shallow. Pavarti Shallow. Uh-huh.

2. One of the odder things about her was that she was always listed as having the profession "boxer." It was never explained on the show, and it made zero sense. She was a complete party-socialite girl, and the "boxer" title seemed like a typo or a joke. Well, she was asked about it tonight, and she clarified that it's actually called "Model Boxing" that she's involved in. Uh-huh.

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