Friday, December 01, 2006

I Can See Clearly Now

I added a new blog to my "nuts" category, this one Blogs for Bush, and he/she/it steps up within 24 hours. There are so many misunderstandings in this it sounds like an automatic weapon:
So, for years Democrats have been screaming their opposition to Bush's tax cuts -- yes, the very tax cuts that fixed our economy and got us out of the Clinton Recession -- and now we're expected to believe them when they say they plan their own "tax cuts." Who's buying that one? When Democrats talk about their version of tax cuts, it's really a conservative-sounding euphemism for welfare.

Over the past few years, they've been relentless in attacking the conservative agenda and pushing for their own liberal agenda, but they've gotten clever in their self-promotion. They've either avoided detailing their own agenda, or tried to disguise their plans as conservative. It seems like lately, Democrats can't admit to being pro-abortion... They're always "personally" opposed to abortion, but "pro-choice," for "women's rights" or "reproductive rights," but never ever pro-abortion. They've rallied against out of control spending in Washington, but clearly have no desire or intention to curb federal earmarks. And of course, while they support welfare and government handouts, they prefer to call them "middle class tax cuts" or "tax cuts for working families" and the like.

The sad thing is, they think we're going to fall for their act. We're not. They've been opposing all the progress our country has made over the past six years [pfbfpfbpBWAAAhAHAHAHHA! - can't hold it in anymore!!!] and there's no mistaking they're still determined to destroy this country and blame Bush for it.

"That. Is Why You Fail."

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