Sunday, December 10, 2006

My summary of the damn tone on Meet The Press this morning:

Sure is bad in Iraq. I wish it would get better. We're at a crossroads. We should give one more, just one more push in Baghdad, 20 to 30 thousand troops. If thing's aren't better in 6 months, then, well...maybe we should just leave.

Richard Haass: It's really important that this be understood as not a failure of American policy. We need to make sure that the narrative is that we gave the Iraqis a chance, and that they failed. We should add more troops, 20K, so that no once can say we didn't try.

[Richard may be sickening, but I think that he's at the real forefront of the battle: the battle of exactly how the war is understood. He's the prez of the Council on Foreign Relations, and he seems upfront about pushing for PR for the US government. I say the US needs a period of sitting in the corner, ashamed in public. Best medicine for it.]

Ken Adelman: Good idea, bad implementation.

Finally, Tom Ricks from the WaPo says "invading Iraq may well be the worst idea in American History."

Resist the Good Idea, Bad Implementation story!

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