Saturday, January 06, 2007

As I've said before, I keep a handful of frightful rightwing blogs in my reading (malkin, etc) because a) they are entertaining, b) sometimes, like with FOX News, despite my stringent disagreement with it, often there is rich "information" within the messages, and c) the whole "know your enemy" theory.

Sometimes, tho, I read a post and I sigh and I feel like I'm looking down at a 4 year old who is hitting me with a winter hat he has been asked to put on. Mark Noonan, of Blogs for Bush, writes a mean "Why am I even wasting my eyes on this when I could be asleep or watching, say, VHS tapes of Paradise Hotel" post - this one is called "Fight Terrorism? How Dare He!":
Democrats are planning a slew of "oversight" hearings to "investigate," amongst other things the war in Iraq, and terrorist surveillance.

You get this? Apparently, fighting terrorism is a bad thing, and must be treated as a potential crime.

What should we be calling the Democrats now? Defeatist Democrats? Cut and Run Democrats? Bin Laden Democrats? It seems like they are motivated by a desire to see this country lose the war. Why? To undermine President Bush.

And they accused President Bush of being a divider, not a uniter? These liberal sickos have done nothing but divide this country. In my lifetime alone, they've committed some of the most blatant acts of treason. Whether it be Ted Kennedy's reaching out to the Soviet Union to undermine Reagan's reelection, to as recent as their opposition to the Patriot Act, the surveillance of terrorists and reaching out to our enemies to undermine Bush.

It's time to investigate the Democrats. They are deliberately trying to lose the war, and they must be held accountable.

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