Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Digby For President

This is why I contributed money this past December to Hullabaloo.
I have written a lot about the fact that ever since the hippies grew their hair long and women fought for their right to be full members of society, the Republicans have successfully broken the parties into archetypal masculine and feminine tribes. I have long thought that this was one of our more difficult challenges. Public leadership archetypes are mostly male, after all, and the right appropriated them all.

But that's about to change, isn't it? While we justly celebrate Jim Webb's strong no-nonsense speech tonight we also saw a rising Democratic party led by powerful, intelligent women. If there's an archetype at work now it's a healthy modern family --- mom and dad are equals.

I don't know how long it will take the media chatterers to get over their odd, adolescent testosterone fixation, but most of the rest of the country, as usual, is way ahead of them. The Democrats are the party of adults, male and female. The Republicans and the media are the only ones still stuck in Junior High waiting for the football captain to ask them to the dance.
Or, in the previous post:
As we await the magic moment when the Codpiece enters the capitol and wades through the adoring crowd to take to the podium and tell us what the state of our union is, I can't help but be reminded of what it used to be like when Bush made a speech or held a press conference and people like Howard Fineman said things like this:
"If he’s a cowboy he’s the reluctant warrior, he’s Shane… because he has to, to protect his family."
This was the tenor of the political discourse for years. Luckily, the country has seemed to finally noticed that this man's been walking around stark raving naked and babbling like an idiot for years. But it was a very depressing and disorienting time when the entire press corps and official punditocrisy insisted that this illiterate fool was on the par with with Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. Sometimes I felt like I was losing my mind.

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