Wednesday, January 24, 2007

UPDATED: Kill the "You're Welcome" Guy

Updated: NY1 Responds! See below...

If you watch NY1, you know what I'm talking about. My email to them...
Subject: I Don't FEEL Welcome

Dear NY1 -

I've watched your channel for the first 2 hours of my waking life each
day for probably over a decade now, and I don't think I've
ever found anything as irritating as the "You're Welcome" comment at
the end of the 11pm New Broadcast promo. I've tried to ignore it, but
it won't go away, and I feel I had to share my opinion on it. That
smug, smirking quip is, I imagine, supposed to make the channel and
the new show seem "irreverent" and quirky, all Mountain Dew and out of
the box and Doritos XTreme, but it just comes across as some jerk who
stumbled into my living room and made some annoying crack at me. Sure,
it catches my attention, so to that end it succeeds. But NY1 has never
been about Ratings At Any Cost. Your channel succeeds and keeps me
watching because I like the people involved, and they talk
intelligently about the things I'm interested in in the city.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

- m

ps. Give Pat Kiernan whatever he asks for.

pps. While we're at it, the voicework for the "It'll only take you 5
minutes to watch the museum report" promo's also pretty annoying.

UPDATE: They responded! And as I wrote back to the guy, it's this kind of thoughtful, personal response that makes me love NY1 so much. Anyone reading this who lives in NYC, do them a favor and try out their 11pm broadcast sometime!:
Thanks for your two cents and your loyalty to NY1. The promo....ah, the
promo. You're right...we were looking for some irreverence and
attitude. As a matter of fact, we are proud of the fact that we don't
and will not do all of the hype and fluff you see on the other channels
and maybe that was reflected in a way that didn't work. Clearly, the
beginning of the promo didn't resonate with you like the "your welcome"
comment did. At any rate, your comments (and others) have been passed
along (and discussed) with our promo folks and we are coming up with
some more content-driven promotion.

Also, while ratings are not the end-all, we DO need viewers so please
watch the show!

Thanks again for the feedback.

Steve Paulus
General Manager, NY1

PS: Pat is doing quite nicely and is well appreciated. The museums
voice feedback has also been passed along.
Thanks, Steve!


  1. you seem to be a nice person and have very good points of view but you complain a lot.
    and i'm not criticizing you.
    have a nice day or evening.
    It's snowing in your city?

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  3. At first I wasn't sure if you were spam, but I believe you're a real person now... :-)

    Glad you're enjoying the blog, and thanks for commenting!