Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Sinking Ship of American Illusion

The Unapologetic Mexican on The Lie:
Though blood is spilling and fear is growing and government control is unhinging its flex like a fevered, murderous marionette due to this mad, mad idiot child at the helm of our nation, in a sense we are better off. For the Lie will never be swallowed quite so easily by quite so many. And because after this razing to the ground of the great star-spangled illusion, I am sure we will recoil, and with a passion that just may make this world a better place than it could have been were Gore or Kerry to win.

IF we survive the further destruction that Bush is clamoring to 'bring on,' that is.
As we were gearing up for the 2004 Presidential election, I remember whispers were started to be heard along these lines - that a Bush win "might not be such a bad idea," because things could get really bad before they got better, and that the bounce back my be higher than it would be otherwise (with just a single-term Bush nightmare behind us). Well, sitting here in my safety and plenty at a computer screen, of course, it's easy to say that, and - in a way - I can understand it. Wishing for it before the election is actually different than looking for a silver lining at this point, but I do believe with TUM that the Lie has been exposed for all the people of the world to see, and for America to see how our system can fail.

I'm young, though, and I imagine thoughts like this must have been going through heads post-Hiroshima and post-McCartney, too.

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