Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Face the NY Post With Skepticism

I write to NY1 again:
I know that the (marvelous) In the Papers segment is just a light-hearted survey of what's going on in the papers, but I had to point out that this morning the NY Post suckered you into coverage of what it called a "poll." It was the front page story "FINISH THE JOB," leading to this story.

But a very cursory glance at the odd story, which runs contrary to all other recent polling, reveals the reason. The "poll" was done by a Republican strategy firm called Public Opinion Strategies, who doesn't even pretend to hide their intentions. From their website, :

"About half of our research is dedicated to winning elections."

...and on their About Us page they write that they are not "a passive participant that simply produces numbers."

The story here is not about American public opinion, as (the honorable) Pat reported it this morning, but rather that the NY Post is reporting a Republican PR firm's work as public poll. That is unethical.
I really don't care what the Post does. But I do care how it gets covered.

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