Monday, February 12, 2007

Too Brash

Like a giggling nerd on the night of the release of the 4th Star Wars movie, I dug into the NY Post website, looking for their opinion on the Dixie Chicks revenge. And I was not disappointed. Besides the hilarious fact that the Post doesn't even mention the Grammy's in any way on the cover of today's edition, someone named DAN AQUILANTE (Post Music Critic), writes the following about their performance of the song that received Song of the Year award, "Not Ready to Make Nice":
That tune, which snagged top honors as song of the year, was too slow and mopey at the start and too brash at the end. The ex-blonde, now brunette vocalist Natalie Maines made the song even less attractive by contorting her kisser into the angry scrunch-face during most of the tune.
Heh. "Less attractive."

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