Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pelosi Stands Tall

Nancy Pelosi has been the target of so much smear since becoming the first female Speaker of the House that I confess to sometimes forgetting that she has a very strong poise as a politician and a leader. The picture above is from the Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner, and BAGNewsNotes has more photos, plus commentary.

ThinkProgress quotes her (video also available) from the other day, referring to the Preznit:
Calm down with the threats. There is a new Congress in town. We respect your constitutional role; we want you to respect ours. This war must end. The American people have lost faith in the President’s conduct of the war. Let’s see how we can work together. This war is diminishing the strength of our military, not honoring our commitment to our veterans, and not holding the Iraqi government accountable.

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