Wednesday, April 04, 2007

As a Biologist...

Tom DeLay pipes up:
Firstly, as a biologist I have always felt that the science behind ‘global warming’ and man-made climate change was absolute hokum, and it distresses me to see a majority of justices on our Supreme Court embrace it.

Update: I must confess that I first posted this because it cracked me up to watch Tom assume the authority of a "scientist" - like the classic Frist offering his medical opinion by watching the Terri Schiavo videotape - but staring me right in the face was his choice of branch of science! As a "biologist," he offers his view on climate change? I guess, maybe, as a stretch a biologist could consider the response that biological beings could have to climate change, but when we're talking about the evidence for the human-influence in the runaway climate changes occuring right now..? This is not the domain of a biologist.

I think he got his nonsense mixed up. What he meant to say was" I have always felt that the science behind ‘evolution’ and monkeys changing into human beings was absolute hokum..."

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