Saturday, May 05, 2007

David Horowitz to Lawrence Auster: "I want you to go away Lawrence."

At Memeorandum the other day I stumbled upon an disturbingly-titled piece called "The Truth of Interracial Rape in America," by a human named Lawrence Auster. After reading it in context at a place called FrontPage, I discovered that the content lived up to the revolting suggestion in the title. He's basically saying "the liberal media is not reporting on a terrible, obvious pattern in the US, that most rapes in the US are blacks raping whites!" He ends:
Each story of black on white rape is reported in isolation, not presented as part of a larger pattern. There is never the slightest mention of the fact that white women in this country are being targeted by black rapists. In the inverted world of liberalism, the phenomenon does not exist.
But the reason I'm posting this here is what I discovered when I said "wow, who the hell is this Lawrence Auster guy?" I followed the link at the bottom of the article to his blog, "View From the Right," where the top story was "Horowitz Expels Me from FrontPage".

Now this is entertainment.

He records the events that occurred following the posting of that story on FrontPage, including his email exchanges with David Horowitz (who I guess runs FrontPage), where the latter admits to having decided to stop publishing the former's work a YEAR ago, but never told him. And then this article, about the raping blacks, slipped through because he (Horowitz) had forgotten the decision he had made.

Horowitz writes:
Lawrence you're a big pain in the ass. One article from you takes more time and energy than 50 articles from 50 writers and gets me attacked and now is getting me the third degree from you. We have had many arguments over your racial attitudes as you know. I don't think you're the kind of racist this prick Mills describes you as (and if I can find it I will send you the email I sent him defending your current piece). But I do think you have made statements that are racist. I have a million enemies out there and I don't need attacks waiting to happen by publishing your stuff. I published this piece because I forgot my exchange with Mills last year and my overall impression of your work is that it is interesting if obtuse. I forgot I guess also how difficult you are to work with. I'd like to see you defend yourself against the charges Mills is making rather than attacking me.
There's lots more, and I recommend you read the whole sequence of a few back and forth emails.

It's funny seeing a rightwinger telling an underling that he's too much of a lunatic even for him. I feel like it's a window into a mental process I've never witnessed before.

Bonus: Don't miss some of Lawrence's other articles, with fun titles like "Are We Really a Nation of Immigrants?" and "The Second Mexican War."


  1. Greetings, Cricket. David Mills here... the guy who seems to have provided the beer for this very entertaining pissing contest between Auster and Horowitz. (They provided their own asparagus.)

    To get a perfect look into Auster's thought processes, you must read what he wrote the day after the Virginia Tech massacre. I blogged about it here.


  2. Wow, and here I thought only the Jews gathered in secret cabals to plot - turns out black men have some kind of secret rape club.

    So where were the statistics on white-on-white rape? Or is it wrong to ask for, y'know, facts?

    And just how batshit crazy do you have to be for David Horowitz to call you batshit crazy? Does the batshit crazy geiger counter just explode?