Thursday, May 24, 2007

Does Corporal Punishment Have "Its Fascinations?"

New York Times
But for debates, a visitor goes elsewhere. The Creation Museum offers an alternate world that has its fascinations, even for a skeptic wary of the effect of so many unanswered assertions. He leaves feeling a bit like Adam emerging from Eden, all the world before him, freshly amazed at its strangeness and extravagant peculiarities.
That's all well and good for an adult journalist who views this place as a fascinating assignment, a rich depiction of a subculture. But the place seems not so quaint when you consider that children, forming their views of the world and their ability to THINK critically about the universe around them, are brought here and subjected to this tripe.

Rhetorically, this push to include science-y stuff like fossils and bones and charts is very effective for Young Earth Creationism. When your arguments kinda look like science, there's not Danger Outside the Door that you need to shield your brainwashed followers from. You've already provided them with a response to have when they see this kind of thing: "Oh, yeah, fossils. Those are from the Flood."

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