Sunday, June 03, 2007


I've just realized a distinction that's been lurking in my mind recently and muddling my sorting ability. What I've been hesitant to give up in "faith" is actually humility.

And like realizing that morality isn't something that you can only get as a "special gift" with your purchase of religion, humility does not have to come through trusting that something is true without having an evidence that it is.

If I want humility - and value it in others - I can go to it and look for it directly. Humility is, in my book, one of the highest virtues of humankind.

Humility often seems attached to faith because when you have faith, you admit to your limited knowledge. Admitting to not having the whole picture is an excellent example of humility - I just don't think I need to go through religion to get it.

There's more to say on this topic. But I'm glad to have recognized that humility and faith are distinct concepts for me.

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