Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Music Had Nothing to Do With the Values

More fun from Blogs4Brownback:
You’re all heard lots of great stuff about Mitt Romney, no doubt. He’s quickly become the darling of the East Coast elite media establishment. And why not? He’s rich, handsome, successful, more stable than Giuliani, and….not all that conservative. He makes himself out to be a family values kind of guy, but if you look at the name of his pet, you’ll see that 60s hippie values still have a strong hold on him: his dog, who recently passed away, was named Marley. As in Bob Marley. As in pot-smoking, America-hating, Jamaican radical.

No offense to anyone who likes Bob Marley’s music. I like the songs No Woman, No Cry and Jammin’. But it’s one thing to listen to a man’s songs on the radio and quite another to endorse his values by naming a pet after him.

This ought to be the final nail in the coffin of Romney’s supposed appeal to social conservatives. There’s not many of us who worship “Ja” or entertain crazed conspiracy theories about the CIA.
(My emphasis)

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