Monday, July 09, 2007

I find "accent jokes" and, generally, racially- or ethnically-based jokes deeply unfunny, and it's sad to hear that Transformers felt the need to "go there." Bay clearly had so much great source material - why throw in that shit? Tripmaster Monkey:
Now, here’s how Bay mucks it up: Within the first 10 minutes, you get characters telling people to “Speak English!” But this is only the beginning. A weird and totally unnecessary racial and cross-cultural undercurrent gets played out through the whole film. What’s with the backhanded compliments about the technological prowess of the Japanese? Really, did we need to have an India-bashing moment in the middle of a heated firefight where the alpha white male (Josh Duhamel) argues with a South Asian call center operator? And, without giving too much away, one of the “big surprise” casualties is the jive-talking robot who can dance.

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  1. I call bullshit on that. What's wrong with talking about a call center operator who happens to be South Asian, most likely Indian?

    The movie didn't denigrate him, and the fact remains that there are a lot of South Asian call centers. White guilt, I say.

    The jive-talking robot dancing ... well, that's a little over the line. Now get back to watching robots fight, jive turkey!!