Wednesday, September 05, 2007

On This Apple Day, a Moment for Zune

Not only is it pathetic that a site called "" is in fact a Microsoft corporate blog, but look at the desperation in this language announcing the Zune price drop today, the same day as Apple's new announcements.
Some of you may have already heard, but tomorrow we’re dropping the suggested retail price for Zune to $199. It’s part of the normal product lifecycle, something we’ve had on the books for months. We just got some research back and customer satisfaction with the 30GB device is really high (around 94%) and we expect even more consumers will now want to discover the Zune experience at the new lower price.

Hope everybody had a great long weekend!
My emphasis.

I love the final line, too. Reminds me of the pathetic attempts at personalization in something like the Mercedes-Benz ads in NYC, where they end with "We Live Here, Too."

One other thing - after throwing up in my mouth a little over the "comments" on this "story," I was going to post a few examples, but I figure commenter "Dave" makes the point I was going to make:
Most of these comments sound like they were composed by the same person.

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