Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Temper Blame

Baseball player gets called a profanity by an umpire, freaks out, hurts himself when his own manager pushes him to the ground, and now he blames the ump for his injury? Sure, the ump was out of line, but Milton, you sound like an idiot saying shit like this.
The Padres claimed Winters baited Bradley, who has a history of losing his temper. Bradley tore a knee ligament when his manager spun him to the ground while trying to keep him from going after the umpire during Sunday's 7-3 loss to Colorado in San Diego.


First base coach Bobby Meacham and Black said Winters used profanity. Bradley called it ''the most unprofessional and most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.''

''It's terrible. And now, because of him, my knee's hurt,'' he said after the game. ''If this costs me my season because of that, he needs to be reprimanded. I'm taking some action. I'm not going to stand pat and accept this because I didn't do nothing wrong.''

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