Friday, January 11, 2008

Going There

An ugly realization of the depressing self-defeating storyline being worked out in the media for the Democrats :
The takeaway 'insight' from this Hardball was that the Democratic race is now a battle between the racist old bitches and the sexist African Americans. Fabulous. (White men like Chris, you'll notice, are the only ones voting purely on the merits in this little scenario.)

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  1. Chris2:41 PM

    I disagree with Digby on this front -- certainly that message is implicit in a lot of coverage, but I don't think it's as predominant as she believes.

    Also, I find she often suggests racist or sexist motives in others when it's not always warranted. In particular, she often says many Repub voters are driven primarily by racist motives, when it's clear that they just need someone -- anyone -- to hate.

    That ain't racism, it's Us vs. Them-ism.