Saturday, January 05, 2008

Two Minute Hate

My friend Chris helped me better understand some of the rightwing motivations around Hillary - the prospect of her losing bothers them because they'll lose their Two Minute Hate. It's not as calculated as thinking "she's more polarizing, so we'll be more likely to get independents" or something - it's just the sadness of losing a target to dump hatred on.

Digby catches one Lisa Schiffrin admitting this:
Deep in my psyche, in the place that kind of misses the toothache I've been prodding at with my tongue, I am having a tiny little pang of missing Hillary. Not her, but hating her.
The right feels aimless because they fear they might lose a clear direction to aim their hate.

I'm sure they'll feel out how to hate Barack Hussein Obama if he wins.

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  1. Chris7:06 PM

    Hey! I'm famous! As an aside, either my memory is getting even more faulty, or the Wikipedia entry is talking about the 1984 movie, and not the book.

    Ah, that's just as well. Except that the book was better.