Sunday, March 30, 2008


His "when I was a kid" schtick is irritating at times, sure, but Dave is often onto something:
What we used to call blogging is now just bullshit about recycled bullshit about recycled bullshit and on and on. Who bit who in the ass, never mind anything new or hard to comprehend, cause that's not what we do. We aggregate eyeballs and clickthroughs and CPMs and god knows what else. 

Back in the old days before any of you were blogging, we (the olde skool bloggers) used to write about them watching us watching them watch us watch them.  

It's happening again... 

Nothing wrong with it, it's human nature. 

But it's time to decentralize again.  

Head for the hills. 

If I could only remember where they are!
I'm providing no original thought in this post - just enjoying it!

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