Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Wingnut Mechanism

The Editors understand this kind of thing:
When you respond to wingnuttery of this sort, you are not responding to sincerely-held beliefs. You see, when the wingnut feels threatened, it excretes a foul substance which forms a protective layer of disingenuous stupidity designed to deflect dissonant facts and beliefs which could damage the wingnut’s tender underbelly of pure stupid. In order to harden this protective layer into an impervious carapace of ignorance, the wingnut needs to come to believe this tactically-held nonsense - needs to incorporate this protective layer into its body of stupid beliefs by making itself believe them for real. But then, of course, if this carapace is threatened, it too will have to be protected by a layer of disingenuous stupidity, and so on and so on until you start writing books called Liberal Fascism
As someone who journeys to scary places like RenewAmerica and, I am grateful to read the occasional field guide like this.

An don't miss his comment below this post, on Who's Gonna Win. Count on it:
But nobody knows shit at this point. Everybody will wait until after the fact to have known it all along, as usual.

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