Friday, May 30, 2008

Watch People Exercising

Blogger Jon Swift is back, and it's good to hear what his little blogging break afforded him:
However, I soon realized that I had a lot more time to do some important things I had been neglecting in my life since I started my blog. I began watching a lot more television and playing more videogames, some of which were quite challenging. I became active in local community issues such as fighting to stop bilingual Esperanto education in our schools instead of forcing Esperantos to learn English. Some days I even went outside of the house and drove to the park to watch people exercising. And most important, I spent some quality time with my daughter Schlafly and my son Spiro, though not actually in the same room since they never seemed to be around the house. But I did have more time to text message them about how they are ruining their lives and how they are so much luckier than I was when I was growing up, which I think has made us closer.

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  1. And isn't that all a fine testament to the healing powers of modern lifestyles? :-)