Thursday, June 19, 2008

Always Great For McCain

I really should get away from townhall for a bit, but if you need a handy cheat sheet for all the rightwing points and angles of the silly offshore-drilling brouhaha, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have got ya covered:
Suddenly, everything is on the table. Offshore drilling, Alaska drilling, nuclear power, wind, solar, flex-fuel cars, plug-in cars are all increasingly attractive options and John McCain seems alive to the need to go there while Obama is strangely passive. During the Democratic primary, he opposed a gas tax holiday and continues to be against offshore and Alaska drilling and squishy on nuclear power. That leaves turning down your thermostat and walking to work as the Democratic policies.

The end is pretty awesome, too.
The move away from oil will be exponential from here on out, dooming radical Islam and reversing climate change at the same time. But while we are getting new cars, we need more oil and McCain has flanked Obama on this issue. Big time.

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