Friday, June 27, 2008

The Fate of a Rat with a Fluffy Tail

I must be an odd sensation to be Mark Noonan:
Some enviros say “go solar” and then other say “halt construction because there’s a squirrel out there”(and yes, the fate of a rat with a fluffy tail - ie, a squirrel - is one of the concerns). Pick one, already. Life ain’t perfect and there’s always a trade-off - in order to go solor [sic] we are going to have to actually build stuff, which will mean that part of that natural environment you whackos are always on about will have to be modified for human use…but the payoff will be less greenhouse emissions and thus we’ll be “fixing” that global warming nonsense you’ve been having a heart attack about lately.
I need a word for Dumbass Blog Rubberneckin'.

And I wish Mark would start video posts.

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