Friday, June 27, 2008

Keith & Glenn

My email to MSNBC, regarding Glenn's response to Keith's response to Glenn's original piece.

I have great respect for Keith Olbermann, but one frustration I've had with him all along is that he very very rarely invites anyone on his show that disagrees with him in any way. There's really no "debate" on the show, just agreement on an existing streamlined viewpoint.

In the recent somewhat public sparring between Keith and Glenn Greenwald, I was disappointed to read in Keith's post at DailyKos that "I didn't read his full piece," while he says that "John Dean is worth 25 Glenn Greenwalds." If you "don't know much about Mr. Greenwald," why throw out that childish little spat?

In my humble opinion, Glenn is one of the wisest political observers and most courageous critics of the modern political sphere, across the spectrum, and Keith comes off a bit of a fool in denouncing him out of hand in that way.

In any case, the point of this email is to suggest that Keith invite Glenn onto his show for some discussion. I think their debate is a healthy one of real issues, strategies and concerns, and to hold it face to face will be much more effective and instructive than to spar back and forth so indirectly. It would increase my respect for Keith (and, honestly, bring me back to watching more regularly) to see him show that he is committed to real discussion by bringing on Glenn.

At very least, I'd love to see Keith show a touch more respect for Glenn and the intelligent and thoughtful writing he has contributed to our national discussion over the last 5 years or so.

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