Monday, June 16, 2008

They'll Never Support You

The wingnuts on the right are sometimes like a childhood bully who taunts a kid to do something obviously dumb, like tasting shit, saying that they're too chicken to do it, and then when they do it, they laugh at them.

Obama, don't do anything to appease them ever, because they will hate you still.

I don't think that visiting Iraq is "caving," despite this nut's opinion. I actually think it's not a crazy idea for the potential President of the United State to visit Iraq at this point in our country's history, and I think the notion has probably occurred to Obama on his own, even before the latest wave of Iraq-Obama-Visit craze.

But I have no problem with folks like RedState asking "Is There Anything We Can't Make Him Cave On?" Yes. You guys have totally won! Nicely done.

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