Thursday, July 17, 2008


Jealous much?

"Blogs for John McCain:
If there was ever any doubt as to the utter lack of fairness of the News Media in covering this campaign, it is about to be swept away. On Barack Obama's upcoming overseas trip, he will be followed around by all three major news network anchors at some point on the trip! Get ready for wall-to-wall nonstop coverage of Obama's every move and prounouncement, in stark contrast to the media's ho-hum coverage of John McCain's overseas trips.
And, to help me end the streak of just posting stuff I think is idiotic, here's digby making great sense:
I would expect the coverage of this trip to be positive, barring some sort of mistake. Clearly all the celebrity journos want to make themselves part of the story and bask in Obama's glow. But they are likely to overdue it and turn it into a sideshow, which may or may not end up being good for Obama in the long run. The downside of them overdoing the fawning is that the right will swing into high gear working the refs and will demand retribution. The boyz and gurlz will feel just terrible about being so unfair.

It would almost always be better to have a serious, professional press corps on trips like this instead of a bunch of preening TV stars. But since we don't have such a thing at least they seem to be using their shallow narcissism to promote the good guys as well as themselves for once. It's the best you can do.

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