Monday, July 28, 2008

Packing Heat

Commenter atheling from Malkin's coverage of the Tennessee church shooting:
Ya know, because of nutcases like this, I have started packing heat when I go to church. I don’t tell anyone in my parish about it, but I am prepared for the event that if some evil bastard attempts to do the same, he will get a head full of lead in return.
In the tragedy, Jim Adkisson shot 8 at a children's play at a Universalist Church, killing, two. according to a 4-page letter he wrote detailing his plans (and relayed to the NY Times by the Knoxville Police Department), he "was motivated by a hatred for liberals and homosexuals."

Rightwing blogs seem unable to address the topic today, confused by where to point their hate. I follow way too many of these places, and none has mentioned it in any way beyond this solitary Malkin post, even through their daddy Fox News is acknowledging this motivation.

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