Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The rightwing seems to be celebrating the glory of cops pushing to the ground people they don't agree with.

Also, the New York Post:
One of those cycling anarchists apparently was shoved off his bike by a cop in Times Square Friday night - but it could have been worse. Given the traffic havoc that Critical Mass regularly provokes, he might've been hit by a bus.

Now the cop is in trouble, and Critical Mass - which hates cars, and so makes a point to create monthly traffic jams all over New York, just for the hell of it - is in full chortle.
It was bound to happen, of course.

Over the last four years, the activists have aggressively fought the NYPD's attempts to keep the streets safe.

It looks like one thing led to another Friday, and the unidentified officer seemingly pushed a Critical Mass rider to the ground as the group snaked through Times Square.

Nobody was hurt.
My bold.

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